Meet Our Team

The first thing to know about our coaches is that they are just like you, they have goals and they started somewhere.  Everyone who walks through our doors is aspiring to better tomorrow than they are today and our coaches are no different.  They understand that it’s hard to get started, that at first it’s hard to stay committed, and that this is like no training program you’ve ever experienced before.  They understand this because they were there too in the beginning.  They also know that if they motivate and inspire you, you will reach levels in your fitness you never knew were possible.  And guess how they know that…because they’ve done it and they continue to do it every day!

Soloman Madron

Founder, Co-Owner, Head Coach, Programming Director

I was born and raised in Colorado. The only time I’ve lived anywhere else was when I was in the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps gave me the opportunity to visit many places, but they all just reminded me of how amazing I find Colorado.

After high school I joined the Marine Corps and served 5 1/2 years. Following that, I began working as a trainer in big box globo gyms. After 6 years I had worked up to managing one of the largest big box gyms in the state. In 2009, I started my own private training business which ultimately became West Metro in 2012, when we started focusing on group training.

I have always loved fitness and physical activity. I grew up playing all kinds of sports, with baseball being my main focus. In high school, and for a little while after, I even competed in Powerlifting.

I coach because I love to be part of the process. I love seeing people attain new strengths and skills they never had before. To me a coach is someone dedicated to the development of their athletes, not just someone who delivers a workout. Over the years I have had the privilege to be part of so many athlete’s journeys, and it’s addicting. That’s why I continue to coach and develop athletes every day.

And before anyone asks: my parents misspelled my first and middle name. They spelled my first name with an A instead of all Os. My middle name is supposed to Jor-El (Superman’s father), but they spelled it Jerel. I finally got my dad to admit that they just didn’t know how to spell either, but my mom maintains that they wanted to be “different.”

Amy Ames-Madron

Co-Owner, Operations Manager, Performance and Nutrition Coach

I was born and raised in Lakewood, Colorado and knew early in life that I never wanted to live anywhere else. Once Sol and I married and started our family, we found that our roots run deep here and we love raising our three 3rd generation Coloradan kids in Arvada. Sol started our business in 2010 and branded as West Metro in 2012, and the gym is our second home.

I did not grow up doing sports and have zero athletic background. I became more involved in the business in 2018 when our youngest started school (after being a fulltime stay-at-home mom for 12 years!) and became a certified trainer in November of 2019. I began coaching in January of 2020.

Becoming a coach has been both extremely rewarding and challenging for me personally. I didn’t start working out or lifting until 2018 at the age of 33, and have worked hard to overcome both physical and mental setbacks. As a coach I can share the struggle of pushing through a tough workout, I find joy in seeing athletes build confidence and strength, and I love celebrating a goal being hit or a successful PR! I live by the mantras “We can do hard things” and “though she be little, she is fierce”.

I love camping, hiking, eating, home DIY, my pitbull rescue Oly, planking, and being the mom, both at home and at the gym. Just call me “Momma”.

Chad Brown

Performance Coach

I was born and raised in Tieton, WA. I spent my first 28 years in Washington until I decided I wanted to explore more of the country, and Denver seemed to offer everything that I was looking for. A good ol’ Google search for “Awesome gyms near me” led me to West Metro. I didn’t want to join a generic fitness center because my experience with group training facilities is that they are very community based and that is exactly what I found here!

I was very active growing up and was able to try a lot of different sports. I found that I liked extreme sports more than stick and ball, so activities like snowboarding, dirt biking and water skiing were my favorites. The style of training at West Metro fits me well.

I became a coach at West Metro in the fall of 2020. Coaching is a profession that doesn’t feel like a job. I have found that helping individuals improve themselves is more rewarding than reaching my own goals, whether they are working towards their first pull up or beating their previous times in benchmark workouts.

Weird fact about me: I believe cats are superior to dogs, but I plan to own both someday.

Josh Ribera

Performance Coach

I’m Denver metro born and raised and a product of Commerce City/Adams City High School. I went to college in Golden, Colorado, and have enjoyed living on the west side of town since. I found West Metro thanks to a Facebook promotion in July of 2018. It was the motivation I needed, and after meeting with Sol and seeing the team/community atmosphere of the classes, I was hooked.

I have always loved athletics and fitness! I have played about every popular team sport either as a kid or in high school and some in college, including basketball, football, baseball, golf, wrestling, hockey, lacrosse, and soccer. About 10 years ago, I got into running and completed a marathon in January 2019. It’s my proudest sports accomplishment, mostly because I used to weigh over 300 pounds.

After college, I taught mathematics at the middle and then high school levels, and coached volleyball and football. I loved seeing my students grow and learn how to be leaders in the classroom and on the court/field. After leaving teaching, I missed working with students. After a little over 3 years at West Metro, the opportunity to step into a coaching role was presented, and though I worried I might not know enough, I became certified trainer, shadowed Sol, and began covering classes in April of 2021. I love seeing my new students find their comfort level and build confidence in the gym. The best sound is hearing the PR bell ring during a class!

Some fun facts about me are that I met Tiger Woods when I was 11, I have way too many nicknames – Golfer, Thug Life, Putty, Big Bera (feel free to make your own), and I love to dance and have fun! So if you attend my classes, I will be playing something upbeat/fun so you can dance in between movements!

Anthony DiTullio

Performance Coach

I was born and raised in Wheat Ridge Colorado. I began working at Pietra’s Pizzeria in 2003 and for Wheat Ridge Fire Department in 2010. My work career built upon my roots in the Denver area so I had no reason to leave!

In 2013 a friend of mine recommended West Metro. I joined and never looked back! I have since fully committed with a Lifetime Membership and love being a coach now too!

My love of fitness started early. I played football in high school and was on the power lifting team. Now I rely on my fitness to keep me effective as a career firefighter. I have many years of experience in the gym which has built a solid foundation for healthy movement. It brings me great joy to share what I’ve learned to those in search of enhancing their fitness levels and movement capabilities, regardless of current fitness level or overall goals.

Fun fact about me, I built an electric golf cart from the ground up and it goes 35mph. It will also ride a wheelie. I frequently drive it to the gym!