Friday – 160603

Friday – 160603

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Friday Night Lights LLSC16


3 X 3 Push Press + 2 Push Jerk @ 70% of 1RM Clean & Jerk


Pick Your Own Poison

You may pick a WOD that you missed from earlier in the week or choose a named CrossFit workout – the girls, heroes, or games workouts. You may not create your own WOD. This is an excellent time to test benchmarks or make up missed strength workouts.

Food for Box with Chef Adam

Announcement: This will be Chef Adam’s last recipe for a couple of months until he returns from his summer job in the hills.

Welp, my fridge is full and I need to burn up some of these vegetables before they go bad.  There’s not enough to really do anything crazy with what’s in there, and I wanted to give you another simple crock-pot recipe, so I made stew.  You can make stew out of just about anything as long as your patient, and there should be tons of left overs for you to incorporate into your weekly meal plan.  I also wanna say good luck to those of you that are on the next Lurong Living Summertime Challenge.  I opted out this time but will definitely join ya on the next one.  It’s a good time to go back through some of the older Food For Box recipes posted on the West Metro CF website.  Be strong and open to trying new foods and learning more about how the food you put into your body affects you.  Though I am not doing this challenge, feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.  Also…..  Great job to everyone who competed in the annual West Metro CF Spring Fling Comp.  I had a blast!


Lazy Man Herbed Chicken Vegetable Stew

1 Small Red Onion Diced

2 Cloves of Garlic Minced

2 Stalks of Celery Diced

2 Medium Carrots Diced

1 Large Tomato Diced

1 Medium Sweet Potato Diced

2 Cups of Broccoli Florets

1 13.5 oz. Can of Quartered Artichokes

1 13.5 oz. Can of Coconut Milk

32 oz. Of Organic Chicken Broth

1.5 Pounds of Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

2 Cups of Water

IMG_4322It’s ok to cut your vegetables into bite size chunks; nothing has to be perfect (remember it’s a lazy mans stew).  Combine all ingredients into the crackpot, cover and cook on low for about six hours.  The chicken should shred but not be dry.

¼ cup Chopped Fresh Thyme

1 Tbsp Chopped Fresh Oregano

¼ cup Chopped Fresh Sage

3 Slices Avocado (for garnish)

2 tsp Salt

½ a Lemon Juiced (about 1 Tbsp)

After 6 hours add the remaining fresh herbs above, lemon juice and salt.  If you opt out of the fresh herbs you may use dried but you may need to add more as they do not have the same quality and flavor as the fresh herbs would.  Scoop the stew into a bowl and garnish with the avocado.  I also had some left over sprouts from last week, so I used those too.  This recipe makes a descent amount, so you can eat on it all week.

10388582_10100456472978378_5403592061520248016_nChef Adam Devers

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