Friday – 160826

Friday – 160826


Chicken Beet Salad (click for recipe)


  • Happy Hour  tonight, 7pm @ Homegrown in Olde Town Arvada
  • Get signed up for the Lurong Championship Nutrition/Lifestyle Challenge
    • Registration is open for our biggest nutrition challenge of the year!  SIGN UP HERE
    • Challenge starts Sept 12th


5 Sets of 1 round of:

Bear Complex
*Power Clean
*Front Squat
*Push Press (no Jerk)
*Back Squat
*Push Press (no Jerk)
– increase load each set, rest 2 minutes between sets


Pick Your Own Poison

You may pick a WOD that you missed from earlier in the week or choose a named CrossFit workout – the girls, heroes, or games workouts. You may not create your own WOD. This is an excellent time to test benchmarks or make up missed strength workouts.