Group Training

“Mechanics, consistency, then and only then intensity”

Our classes consist of constantly varied, functional motion, performed at relative high intensity (within both physical and psychological tolerances). We first want to focus on teaching new athletes to become good movers by mastering the mechanics of our various movements. Once an athlete demonstrates a consistent ability to perform movements with proficiency we ramp up the intensity to deliver amazing results. Our belief is that results come from intensity, but intensity can only be safe and effective if supported by a foundation of good and consistent movement mechanics.


Warm Up – Increase core temperature, mobilize, prepare for movement

Strength  – Strength Work, Olympic Style Weightlifting, Gymnastics Skills

Conditioning – Time or Task oriented high intensity portion of the workout

Cool Down/Finisher – Accessory work, mobility, stretching, core.

Our workouts are scaled and modified to each individual, and our coaches offer consistent instruction throughout the class. Here at West Metro Strength & Conditioning, we cap our classes at 15 athletes to ensure you get the attention you deserve each and every time you workout with us.

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