Monday – 200203

Monday – 200203

This week we are sharing our Core Values here WMCF starting with our “S” in our acronym S.T.A.C.K. which is Self Care.

We believe Self Care is crucial for everyone! Just like we learn during the safety demo on an airplane, we must put on our own oxygen mask before we can help others. Why? Because if we are drained, exhausted, angry, hungry, lacking energy, mentally fatigued, etc., we will not have the emotional, mental, or physical strength to help others, to do our best work, to be excited and happy, to fulfill our potential, or even just to enjoy our day to day existence.

We encourage our coaches and athletes alike to put on your oxygen mask! This means making time for your workouts and fueling your body well, but it also means honoring your emotional and mental needs. Investing in your community, family, and friends, finding joy in your work, making time to play, relax, and recover, and being attentive to overall feeling of well being is not only essential, it is a selfless part of being your best self when you encounter others in this world.

If you struggle with any of these things, reach out! A true friend will never want you to sacrifice your well being. Be selfless and available but always refill your cup.

Be your best self. Respect your needs. Make the time to care for yourself. Trust us, the world needs you and it needs you feeling your best!


Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes (10 sets), complete:
Bench Press x 3 reps @ 72.5%


Every minute on the minute for 18 minutes, complete:
Odd – 6 Thrusters (115/75)
Even – 8 Pull Ups




Tribute to Kobe Bryant

(30 min cap)

81 Calorie Row Buy-in

Then, 5 Rounds of:
8 Sandbag Cleans
24 Wall Balls
20 Hand Release Push-ups

41 Burpee Cash-out

81 = Highest scoring game
5 = Championship rings
8 and 24 = Numbers Worn
20 = Years in the NBA
41 = Age when he died