Monday – 200406

Monday – 200406

#SupportYourLocalBox Fundraiser: a CrossFit event for the benefit of CrossFit affiliates affected by COVID-19 around the globe. Three workouts. No registration fee. All contributions support the CrossFit affiliate community. Sign Up HERE!

At Home – SKILL

5 minutes of practice on:
Front & Back Scales

At Home – WOD

Every 4 minutes for 28 minutes (7 rounds), complete for times:
8 Burpees
16 Alternating Weighted Step Ups
8 Burpees

Note: Sorry for not having a video today, but I think you guys got this one!



10 min to work you way up
1-2-3-4-5-etc of…
Ground to Overhead/Thrusters
Box Jumps

– rest 5 min, then –

10 min to work your way back to zero from where you got to in part 1