Thursday – 200206

Thursday – 200206

Past the halfway mark for this week and we are into the 4th letter in S.T.A.C.K., our 4th Core Value: Communication

Communication is key in business, relationships, just life! If we can’t express ourselves and understand others, none of us are going to see a whole lot of progress of success in anything we do.

At WMCF, coaches and athletes alike must strive to have good, healthy communication. Whether we are teaching a movement, explaining a WOD, or coaching a skill, coaches must be able to clearly express what they expect from athletes. Conversely, athletes must be willing to ask questions, hear and respond to coaching cues, and clarify what is expected during movements and WODs.

As a business, we will always strive to communicate changes, events, and box rules with clarity and in a timely manner. We also strive to listen to our athletes about their needs and their expectations of us. We may have a certain way of doing things but we will always be willing to explain our why behind our decisions. We may not always agree, but just like in life, we can all agree that communicating will get us a lot closer to understanding.

Do you struggle to communicate, in the box or in life in general? Let’s practice together and be a safe place to be open and honest. Happy Thursday!


Every 3 minutes for 9 minutes (3 sets), complete each for time of:
250m Row Sprint


In teams of 2, alternate movements to complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
2-4-6-8-10-etc of…
Calorie Row
Power Clean (155/105)
GHD Sit Ups

Note: P1 Rows 2 calories, P2 does 2 Power Cleans, P1 performs 2 GHD Sit Ups, P2 Rows 4 calories, P1 4 Power Cleans, P2 4 GHD Sit Ups, etc…



Every 7 min for 28 minutes (4 rounds), complete:
Run 400 M
20 DB Step Ups
10 DB Push Press
20 DB Reverse Lunge
10 DB Bent-over Rows