WOD – 121101

WOD – 121101


This has been a hard week on the shoulders so today we will be doing some recovery work on them!  Our partners at Crossover Symmetry have provided us with just what we need.

Why Do Shoulder Injuries Occur?

Most injuries to overhead athletes occur from repetitive microtrauma.  Some of the most common errors that can lead to shoulder injuries include:

  • Insufficient strengthening of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles
  • Insufficient rest between games and/or practice
  • Inadequate pre-season strength, endurance, and flexibility training
  • Muscle fatigue during activity
  • Increasing training intensity too quickly
  • Poor mechanics

Read more about the mechanics of the shoulder and how Crossover Symmetry can help reduce injury risk here.


For time:

Run 2 miles or Row 4K

Troy just hanging out doing pullups on the ceiling.