WOD – 121110

WOD – 121110


For time:

100 Sit-ups

90 Lunges

80 Push-ups

70 Tuck Jumps

60 Pull-ups

50 Jump Squats

40 Wall Ball (20/14)

30 Floor Wipers (95/65)

20 Ring Dips

800m Run

** You can do this WOD with a partner or by yourself.  If you do it with a partner, split the work but only one partner works at a time.  While one partner is working, the other partner does double unders.

*Compare your results to 120922

 A calorie is not just a calorie: quality vs. quantity


Calories in vs. calories out. Burn more calories than you take in and you’ll lose weight right?  At least that’s what we’ve always been told. This is true to an extent, but it’s not the whole truth…

That’s because what matters more than the amount of calories we take in are the kinds of calories. Not all calories are created equally. Calories consumed from bad carbs (grains, legumes, starchy foods, and processed sugars) will cause you to become hungry faster and more frequently than calories brought in from lean meats, vegetables (good carbs), and healthful fats.

This is because these bad carbs mega spike the insulin in our blood causing a chain reaction in our metabolic system that increases weight gain and makes us hungry again faster.

Calories from protein and good fat do not cause an increase in insulin levels, keep us full longer, and do not make us gain weight.

So, consider quality over quantity when you are trying to loose weight. Eat calories that come from vegetables, proteins, and good fat and avoid bad carbs rather than just counting calories.

For more information on the history of the “calorie is a calorie” concept and why it’s wrong, check out this New York Times article.