WOD – 140327

WOD – 140327

General Warm-up

100 Double Unders w/ 5 Burpee penalty every time you stop or miss
Iron Scap


3 X 5 Back Squat


5 Rounds for time of:

25 Squats
15 Push Press (95/65)
30 Double Unders

Justin7 Reasons Why CrossFit Isn’t Working For You…Yet

a post from CrossFit Tustin

#1) Your Diet Never Changed – You took the very important step and started training. You pushed past the stage of feeling like a fish out of water and now you actually enjoy it (for the most part). Your hard work in the gym however isn’t translating into the body changes you thought would immediately follow. Wait for it… Your diet still stinks. You eat sugar, wheat, processed foods and drink alcohol just like you did before you trained. Maybe you throw some kale in to feel good about it but your diet generally remains the same. You are now building muscle while your diet supports the less desirable physical traits. The simple fix is an honest assessment and the willingness to adjust your diet. Get a friend or coach to keep you accountable.

#2) You Never Rest – For some people the thought of resting creates anxiety as thoughts of falling behind some nebulous group of other folks who obviously never rest comes crashing in. The fact is if you are training hard your body needs rest in order to improve. This is not one size fits all situation. Listen to your coaches and rest when they say. Also listen to your body and be willing to take a few days off, even a week or two! (gasp)

#3) You Train Too Little – For others, training too much isn’t holding you back but training too little. For this group they are not delivering enough stimuli to the body to bring about any changes in body composition and overall strength. A huge factor in progressing in a training regimen is consistency and 2 days a week isn’t going to give your body enough feedback to really change. It can be an adequate start but is not enough after your body has made the adjustments to the fact that you lift weights now.

#4) You Don’t Track Your Training – Some folks “feel” like they aren’t progressing because they constantly compare themselves to others and haven’t been tracking their workouts. Instead of looking at others you have to diligently track your performance markers so you can see an objective progression to your fitness. Very often the athlete has experienced substantial advancement from where they started, they just don’t know it. If you have access to your numbers from the prior months of training you can confirm this and see how effective your program really is. (We Use Wodify For This)

#5) You Cheat Reps – There are two ways of cheating reps: 1) cut them out completely 2) shortening the range of motion (when you have the range safely). The first reason can be motivated innocently from not paying attention and all I can say is counting is important in CrossFit. On the other hand If you cut them out to appear fitter than you are I would just encourage you stop because we love you no matter what and you are only hurting yourself and your progress. The second reason I believe comes from either ignorance or laziness. It is the coach’s job to enforce standards and inform an athlete of their shorting a rep. The laziness is the athlete’s responsibility. A partial squat is far less effective in producing a response in the body as compared to a full squat. You are hurting your progress every time you short a rep and count it. The last thing is this: Character matters and we want to develop good character.

#6) You Have Bad Expectations – I get it, you started CF because of all the results you heard about and saw others post about on social media… and you want them too (yesterday!). I’m not in control of how your body will respond to CrossFit. All I can say is that it will respond positively over a period of time. Expect to learn and to grow in discipline. Doing the little things to improve suck… everyone who does them knows this and you will not be the exception. Think about your goals, be realistic with the time frame and then let someone else (a coach maybe) in on them to hold you accountable. Also… give yourself GRACE!

#7) You Cherry Pick Workouts – We all know about this and we have all done it. Time to STOP. Work your weaknesses and don’t avoid them. It is slowing your development. It is also slowing your character development! Humility is a virtue and this is one of those little ways we learn it. NO Cherry Picking 🙂